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We’ve been developing with WordPress since our inception. It’s in our roots, it’s part of our foundation. And like most long term relationships, it has inevitably turned into one of love/hate. WordPress is a great solution for many, but not all, and so we do our best to educate our clients on where WordPress shines, and when it should take a back seat.

WordPress is vulnerable to becoming Frankenstein’s monster in the wrong hands.

It can easily become open to security vulnerabilities, plugin bloat that slows your site to a crawl, a UX that is all to familiar or generic, and generally becoming an error-prone house of cards. This isn’t because of the software itself, it’s due to its ecosystem and the type of users that attracts. The bar is set pretty low to be honest. Anyone can call themselves a “WordPress developer” after they install a couple of premium themes and configure some content.

We set the bar unapologetically high.

  • We do not use themes that aren’t built by us.
  • We are meticulous with our plugin selection process and limit their use.
  • We put special emphasis on speed and performance.
  • We design and implement your site to your specifications.
  • We don’t place limits on the functionality you may want.

Contact us today if you’re curious what we can accomplish with WordPress together.